Monday, October 8, 2007

Happy Columbus Day

They're stealth and come from behind to bite you in the ass.
That's how it felt watching as Jeffy and Jimmy snuck in from behind the pack. Unpredictable... but that's Dega.

Pattyjo was wondering why the crowd was cheering as Jimmy took the lead followed by Smoke's attempt to cross over only to get shuffled back... I guessed it was due to the good ole plate racin going on.
It was a great finish.

The RO-7 Chevy apparently cannot hold up under 8900 rev's. Surprising any of the engines could hold up under that for 3 plus hours. The attrition was biased though and DEI-RCR should literally put the RO-7 on the {auction} block.

So now that the COT has made it's debut into the restrictor plate world, maybe the driver's will stop their bitching about it. The car did well as far as I could tell and I'm sure Kyle Petty feels good about it this morning after the body slam he took.

Several Chase contenders are now eliminated from winning The Cup. It's pretty much left up to the top 4 now, with Smoke in 4th. Although Harvick, Edwards and Kurt Busch have a glimmer of hope.... mathematically. And the Million Dollar spot, 13th, can be had by several, even though Jr. still holds the spot. Newman, Mears and The Biff are all easily within reach.

Back at the Cottage... In a word... hectic. I'm faced with a moral dilemma concerning a business decision. In a nutshell... I have almost priced myself out of an upcoming contractual project due to the high wage I've been asked to pay an employee. A big part of my success comes from the fair pricing I've maintained, but a carpenter under my employ has made that difficult. I had to back peddle and lower my price on this job, which means I'll have to let the carpenter go. If I lower the price's and keep him on he'll make more than I would and in all honesty... he's not all that!! His skills are lacking in several important areas, but he's good with vinyl siding and drywall... ask him to trim out the windows and doors and he's lost. It's never easy letting someone go and it takes a lot of courage because chances are he'll take offense. This because he does feel he's worth every penny.


Anonymous said...

No great COT disaster at Dega..It might need a tweak or two but other than that it seemed fine...after Smoke threre is little chance unless both Hendrick cars have a disaster somewhere...

TSRFan-John said...

If DEI-RCR doesn't get the engine problem figured out quickly Jr. can forget about 13th.

Good help is hard to find. Mediocre help is hard to fire. I sure don't envy your position. I left the business world 6 years ago because I was tired of dealing with employees. You have my sympathies.

Cheyenne said...

13th place in the points is just that...13th place. There is no million, no trophy, and no visit to the banquet stage. I don't know why they stopped it because it's no different than when it was 11th place.

RevJim said...

Cheyenne, I didn't know that.
It makes you wonder, RCR didn't have that many engine problems before they started working with DEI. JGR and Hendrick used the SB2 engine for 'Dega, and they had no problems. Is it really the RO7 or does DEI have a genuine jinx? They merged with RCR and changed their engine department around, and yet all but three of the RCR/DEI cars blew engines.