Monday, October 1, 2007

It's The Biff's!!!

I am very happy with "Da" Biff's win. He clearly had the best car at the end. The slowing down?? He said he had fuel and crossed the finish line under power, the field was frozen, the caution was out, that's it. That was just the icing on the cake to what was an insane day in Kansas.

NASCAR took their own rules and manipulated them, but then again I don't have a copy of the rule book. I always thought that if there is a rain delay beyond the halfway mark and there is not enough time to finish the race, then it's called at that point. Okay... so apparently that is not the case. So be it and let it be. Anyway, I think the whole thing turned out humorous with Country Bowyer stating "I don't know... but Jeff and Jimmy said.... and those guys know racing". I forgot his exact words, but to claim these clowns have rights to the tower was hilarious. And then both of these Hendrick pion's bitched, as expected.

Did anyone happen to catch Kasey Kahne getting snubbed by Johnson? It was during the second rain delay very near the re-start. Kahne approached Johnson as Johnson walked past and Kahne got a look from Johnson like he was a pawn. It was very apparent and deliberate and frankly it turned my stomach. Something about Johnson has always held me from giving him the benefit of the doubt as far as his character goes. He has got to be the most arrogant SOB in NASCAR and that attitude does not mesh with what NASCAR stands for or where it all began. I hope that his high horse breaks a freaking leg.

I'm short on time this morning, so cannot read other blogs. I'll check in on everyone later and I'm certain to find some interesting stuff!!


MIKE said...

It was a crazy day at Kansas. I was expecting a boring race. In fact, my fiance and I had plans if the race was boring. We ended watching the race and taking care of the chores during the rain delay.

I agree about Johnson. I really can't stand him. I did not catch the particular incident you refered to, but I have no problem believing it.

RevJim said...

If the race had been stopped after the second red flag, think of all the fun we would have missed.
Actually, I was already celebrating the Stewart win. I thought the 20 team wasn't going to gamble, but the good call before the ran hit turned Zippy into a gambling addict. Common sense went right out the window when he let Smoke stay out after smoking for three laps.
Still, in the end, it was probably the most unique race we will ever see.

Anonymous said...

your right about Johnson....actually there is no rule about finishing the whole thing in a rain delay..their policy is to complete as many laps as possible..even if the race is redflagged for rain after the halfway point....If had had sat in the stands in the rain after paying big bucks ..I would figure that was the right thing to do..

Cheyenne said...

The most arrogant SOB in NASCAR can be split into two categories: driver: Jimmie Johnson
crew chief: Chad Knauss

They are two of a kind and belong together. I have never liked either one and despite the fact that he will be Junior's teammate next year, it seems as if he is very cool to that fact. I wonder what he has against Kasey...