Saturday, February 2, 2008

Up, Up and Away

The trend continues as yet another small team joins one of the big boys. Robby Gordon joining Evernham/Gillette is probably Robby's saving grace. It's more of a marketing deal than a full partnership, but it's a win win. Ford is the big loser in this move. I like Robby for his guts and stamina and I hope this helps his struggles.

Heading to central Florida on Monday 2/4. Going to visit my father in-law and we will take a day to tour Daytona I.S. Patty and I plan on meeting one of our fellow bloggers in person. That should be very cool as we all support each other and share thoughts. Meeting any of you in person would be great, so knowing that one of our blogger friends lives in that area I contacted him and we are meeting for breakfast. COOL!!


Starla said...

Well I am glad, that Robby made that big move. I have always liked Robby. Hope you have fun in Florida.

Anonymous said...
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