Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cry Wolf

Brian France wants to play fair. His rhetoric , for lack of a better word, in my opinion, comes a little late. But better late than.. well you know. His defense of the CoT, which I am now calling the Sprint Iroc, is all good, yet he tries to fill the public with rationalization of empty promises. No more changes... or as he put it, "Back to the basics".

Who is he trying to kid? Change is inevitable. So what... teams, drivers and owners will now have to beg for his majesty's blessings for change? I'm sure his intentions are ... well at the very least his own. The spot light wavers, he makes waves, the public listens.

I hope things do level off for the sake of struggling owners and the average fan who needs a NASCAR book for Dummies. Nothing can compare to 2007... but then again they have yet to develop the flying car!

Pooling together the "Go or Go-Homer's" for qualifying.... now there's a brilliant idea... duh!


Don and Sheryl said...

I think the past champions provisional should be eliminated.

Qualify or say good bye. The fastest 43 make the field.

If there is a rainout and no qualifying line them up like they finished the week before.

charlie said...

My first quick scan of Brian France's comments Monday gave me a generally possitive feel. On closer study, ther is just too much spin - again. Some right things were said, but there is no real substance to the whole thing.

Anonymous said...

I say it's too little too late. Now Mr. France is trying to get back the "Old Time Fans" ??? Change the "image" from punk rock to country music, AGAIN. I guess he's loosing money on tickets and television viewership, then there's the fact that you had a "One Organization" race to the Chase - - who wants to see that except the "One Horse Fans" ???