Thursday, February 14, 2008

Frazzled Patty loves Jeff Hammond and thinks he his the hottest guy on the planet, well that is after me.. or so she says. Anyway... this whole episode was downright hilarious! We were watching Jeff do a skit with the cut-out car and it just so happened we were standing next to one of his buddies. Patty told him she thinks Jeff is hot and he said not to tell Jeff that. Well...that was a mistake!!

Jeff finished and came right over to us. Patty's legs almost went out from under her and after he signed she went on a rampage about how Hot he is and anyone within 100 yards heard it all. It's a good thing I'm not the jealous type! Patty had all of us busting a gut. This went on for the better part of 10 minutes and it's a classic. Jeff is one hell of a nice guy and a great sport.

Gatorade Duels today! Toyota????


vroom said...

Gr8 fotos...but I hardly even noticed Hammond!

Stephen said...

How cool! I love J.R. too.

Stephen said...

Err, I meant Jeff. :D

Ryan Newman Fan said...

Thats great. Just reading that post Jeni and were laughing.

Jeni and her mom both think that Jeff has the most gorgeous baby eye.....anyway :)

Great pics