Sunday, February 17, 2008

The final 20

Well.... The Dark Horse came in and even though I am disappointed with his not so friendly way with his fans last week, I do feel very good about his victory. He's still on my $&!t list, but a big congratulations goes out to Ryan, Chrissy and the whole Penske gang. Roger deserves this for sure.

Great finish! Thought Smoke had it and wow... Shrub was impressive. That kid can really get up on the wheel. There sure was an interesting mix of cars at the end, and "mix" they did. We all sit through 180 laps of boredom for the final 20 laps of excitement. Pattyjo got so excited she got the dogs howling again and things went flying off the end table... but her man Smoke was left behind... again.


Ryan Newman Fan said...

WOW, what a finsih. Even if it wasn't Ryan in for the win....WOW...what a finish.

In fact I enjoyed the whole race. Cars were not lined up single file for 400 out of the 500 mile race. In fact cars were all over the place.

And I know people like to see crashes, but I loved the caution free racing.

Granted...the last 20..or even 10 were the most exciting, but it was different racing for the whole race.

REALLY enjoyed the race.

Mother-in-law and I were praying that Montoya would stay away from Newman. Both of us kept saying he would take someone out.....

What happened to Boywer.....oh yeah....thats right.

vroom said...

I guess only the last lap counts! I was there and it was vrooming fun!

Don and Sheryl said...

Well of course I was pulling for 88 but also I felt if he couldn't pull it off let someone who hasn't won get it and Ryan did it.

I don't like the COT but was impressed with the way they handled but on the other hand I was impressed with Saturdays race with the old Busch cars, yes Busch, I just got used to calling them that after the Grand National years, (I'm am old goat who hates change. Those cars handled real well with the old spoiler.

RevJim said...

It was a great finish. I think the entire race was pretty interesting, with all the lead changes. It was much better than the first rp race for the new car, at 'Dega
Mike, I think you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Ryan Newman was happy to sign autographs for anybody who asked at Volusia, where he raced his UMP modified car last Friday.

Tim Zaegel said...

I'm a Stewart fan through & through, but I've gotta hand it to the Penske boys for that late-race surge of their's. They're going to have their hands full at Cali, though, given Newman's lack of recent success there and the fact that Busch will have to come from the back of the pack (again).