Monday, February 25, 2008

Flipper does it

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Carl made my day. I skipped the afternoon from my other responsibilities to watch the conclusive race and had images running through my mind of Jimmy Johnson in Victory Lane. It's just too soon and the feelings of Johnson's domination from last season still linger in my soul. It was a feel good finish to what was a not so feel good race weekend.

I'll be watching some of the Nationwide race.... it's just after 4:oo pm now. I'm heading out on a photo shoot, but will be back in time to catch the last half.


RevJim said...

Congrats to Carl. This is why I keep saying that it will be a much better and more highly competitive season than last year. It would be really fun if there was a different winner every week for 26 weeks, wouldn't you agree?

Starla said...

I was excited to see Carl win too. I like Chevys, but not when Jimmie Johnson is driving one. So I was rooting for Carl's Ford to win.

Vroom said...

Bring on Vegas, it's should be a vroomin' race weekend. Regards to PJ!