Monday, February 18, 2008

Just some photos

Until next season.

Dale looking right at me.

Jeff on the Chevy stage with Riki Rachtman. I was less than 6' away from him.

Clint through glass contemplating.


Starla said...

That is a good picture of Jr.
I am glad that Smoke finished well; I just wish Kurt Busch had not pushed Newman. OH well, maybe next year.

rob ijbema said...

enjoying your great sunset pics on the speedway...
good to read you had a great time...wish i was day maybe!?

Mike said...

Great site. Just love NASCAR! I was not excited about Newman winning the 50th anniv. Daytona race, but, what the heck. Hendrick can't win them all. I love your pictures and the personal touch.

Ryan Newman Fan said...

I have been meaning to comment on these pics for a couple of days now.

Anyway, they are great pics...all of them. JR's little grin there is classic!