Sunday, February 17, 2008

Race Day

Wishing I were there this weekend instead of last, but I'm grateful for the awesome experience we had. It was almost as if we had the whole place to ourselves.

Toyota & Gibbs.... hmmm... who'da ever thunk!! ME!! Well I'm not blowing my own horn, it's more of a case of logic and well... I have mentioned several times that Toyota will flex a lot of muscle this year. Joe Gibbs is no fool and Toyota has moola galore. That coupled with the likes of Stewart, Hamlin and Shrub is a recipe for success. Watching Stewart and Shrub dominate the opening Nationwide race was not surprising and Smoke walked away from the pack at the end like that Toyo had a rocket launcher attached to its spoiler. It's all fine by me because Hendrick needs some competition.

Today could very well be another story and for some reason I am rootin' for Jr.... although a dark horse winner is always cool. I'm sitting on the fence without a favorite driver. It's hard for me to settle on "one" anymore. Five... yes. But not one. One of my top 5 fav's has dropped down on my list due to what I witnessed at Daytona and that would be Ryan Newman. Sorry Mike the Newman fan...but I did not walk away from Daytona last week feeling good about one of my long time fave drivers. I base a lot on "Fan Friendliness" and Ryan proved he is not. On the other hand, several drivers climbed my list because of this and one is Clint Bowyer, another is Dale Jr. and another is Reed Sorensen. When these guys go out of there way to give autographs and put a smile on their faces while doing it, things are so much better. Jr. makes himself available.. I have photos ... closeup's.. of Dale smiling and waving at me and my camera. Reed Sorensen blushed when Pattyjo complimented him on his kindness plus he talked to my wife like she was a long time friend. Of course they have met on a few occasions. And Clint... he is just a good ole boy and is fan available. Being a great driver is one thing, but public relations, or "bad" public relations can kill a fan base. This is a huge part of Jr.'s popularity.

Okay..I've ranted enough. The big day!
I hope the fenders stay on for them and Kurt Busch doesn't push Smoke into the wall.

Happy 50th Daytona!!


RevJim said...

I am ready ready ready! I agree with you, I think there will be a great rivalry between Hendrick and Gibbs this year. It is good, because there will be no domination after all. The Coach is making sure the JGR team mates know what team work is.

Ryan Newman Fan said...

Well, you have struck my curiosity. You have to let me know! Of course and email would be great....maybe not posting a comment :) :) :)

Just kidding. Any info on Ryan is good info.

I am kind of suprised. I have heard at least 2 other stories of Ryan and that public...both good.

One of them was from my ex-girlfiend. She worked at the local State Prison. Some of her buddies did security on the side. One of them got the "gig" to escort (or something) Newman around once he got in town. That guy reported that Newman stopped FOR ANYBODY that asked for an autograph or anything. Stopping for quick chit chat and all.

He reported (althought I never talked to him) that Newman was just an overall, all around cool guy.

Sorry you had a bad sitiuation with him. That always sucks whenever you run into some famous or just someone on the street.

ONE reason I like him is because he does just seem like a "nice guy". But, I can also see that there is probably a dark side as well....oh well.

I have the same feelings about all the others you listed as well. I was pulling for Bowyer in the chase last year and JR has always been my #2...more like 1.5.

Anyway, curiosity is killing the cat!!!