Saturday, January 5, 2008


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No..not a tire blowout!! That's a photography term. Bright whiteout's...but I did this on purpose. It was -10 f and that is steam coming off the river with the sun behind the tree. Made for an interesting shot.

Racing season is almost upon us. What...5 weeks or so.

My step-son is working the NASCAR Bobsled challenge this weekend. He's a National Guardsman and our local boys are in Lake Placid to assist with the event. He called us today from his cell and Geoff and Todd Bodine were standing right next to him. Then he told Boris Said that I am a Said Head.... Boris apparently belly laughed. Oh and by the way..I like Boris but I can't do the wig thing! Pattyjo did not believe he got the Bodine's to say "'s us, father & son". He got photos and autographs...I hope!! We could have attended but we have a house full of kids this weekend. At least one member of our family is part of it..but the one least interested in NASCAR. Go figure!!

It's a cold winter up here. The gas bill is scary! I might have to frame and sell some of my photos!

Adios amigos.


vroom said...

Hola amigo...extreme weather prevails. In the 80's here on Monday for testing!

Starla said...

I loved the photo, it looks great.

Our weather was nice today (69 degrees), we took my dog for a walk and I went without a jacket. I loved it. It is cold again tonight.

4ever3 said...

It is always the least interested ones that get the breaks ... in everything!

Happy New Year!