Saturday, January 19, 2008


Born and raised in the Motor Capital state of Michigan I was taught that these Japanese "Go-Carts" were garbage, along with any foreign auto. But my own father had an Opel Cadet shipped over from Holland... and as cute as that car was, it was pure junk. Go figure! For years we Americans have been closet foreign car lovers. Now some 40 plus years have gone by since the first Toyota laid rubber on American pavement and it has surpassed all domestic autos as the #1 seller in America.

I'm not much on crystal balls, but I do have the gift of clairvoyance. Although the clarity is often clouded, there is some small truth to this as it has proven true many times over the years to the astonishment of myself and those around me. I cannot predict the future by any means, but I have moments of clear vision through my mind of things that have not yet taken place. Hence... Toyota will dominate NASCAR. I'm full of crap, but I got you to read this!!

Smoke at testing! Now there is a vision to behold! Apparently needing a haircut and a shave.


Starla said...

I seen the picture of Smoke's new ride and I think it looks pretty awesome. Hopefully it doesn’t only look awesome but does very well in races. Now there is the true test.

Cheyenne said...

Pullin' our legs, huh? I pray to God Toyota does not do to Cup what it has done to the truck races.
I will stick with my Fords (even though my driver runs a Chevy).
Did you catch Smoke over the last couple days when he was at the Barrett-Jackson car auction?

Don and Sheryl said...

Love NASCAR, Hate COT, I am to old school.I don't like the cookie cutter shapes.

If they want them safer OK, but at least make them look stock, like in Stock Car. They are making it look like IROC racing.

Since I am on a rant, I think Sprint drivers should only be allowed to drive in Sprint if they have a full-time ride. If a baseball player is in the majors, he can't go play in the minors on his day off. We need to develope the new drivers, the old guys had their chance in Busch now Nationwide.

I will now go back in my box, have a good Sunday.