Friday, January 11, 2008

New Blog

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I won't be posting many of my photos here any longer. I've built a new blog dedicated to my photography and imaging business. It's "Chase Images" and you'll find a link to your right on the sidebar. I had fun posting photos here during the off season but NASCAR is now revving up for this season so I'll be concentrating on all the great things to come from the racing world for 2008 on this blog and Chase Images will be for the obvious. Please pay a visit and comments with feedback are encouraged.

The photo above is of the Hudson River located about 35 miles north of Albany, NY. This particular part of the river is part of the Champlain Canal system which connects to Lake Champlain, The inner-coastal and the Great Lakes and points south to the Erie Canal, NYC and the Atlantic Ocean. It is considered international. I live about 5 miles north of this shot and our town has a harbor for traveling vessels to moor for the night. I love to visit with the travelers and check out some of the most incredible yachts from all over the world that stay in our little town.

I am excited about the '08 NASCAR season. It should be very interesting.


himalman said...

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Starla said...

This photo is beautiful. And I will check the new site out, I love looking at your photos.

Ryan Newman Fan said...

AWESOME PICTURE. I think I am going to head over to your new site right now!!!

Don and Sheryl said...

Besides photography I also love NASCAR but not overly happy with the COT. They say the Camrys are running good but I am a Jr. fan and it is time for a win.