Monday, February 26, 2007

Swept Away

Another race bringing a sweep! RoushSox driver Matt Kenseth swept the weekend away with a Busch win on Saturday and the Cup win at Fontana yesterday. That's two consecutive sweeps in as many races with Happy Harvick doing it at Daytona last week.
The Fontana Cup race was different from past races there with plenty of cautions to tighten up the field. It's usually a clean race with the leaders way out front. This kept it exciting but there were several disappointments, especially for DEI with both Dale Jr. and Truex Jr. losing engines. It also brought on many changes in the point standings with many drivers climbing many spots and yet others dropping like rocks and it left Mark on top. After only two weeks into the season there is a wide points spread, but LasVegas should change that.
Another hard slam into the wall by rookie David Reutimann. It's been a slammin' two weeks!! Thank you NASCAR for the Safety Barriers.

2 comments: said...

That Reutimann hit was downright scary. I did not want to watch that in-car camera shot anymore.

It was a good race. Not sure how the front runners kept being able to survive the cautions during the pitstop cycles though. I was looking for a completely inverted finish for a while.

That Army car sure is hot!

Clance' McClannahan said...

When the announcers kept saying he was OK as he was walking? (being lead with his head rolling around)I wondered what OK meant to them. Yeah he was alive, thank GOD, but he was not OK. I wonder if he even remembers the accident?