Saturday, February 24, 2007

Surprise Surprise Surprise

It's no surprise seeing Gordon on the pole, but it was surprising to see Mark Martin shoved out of the way in the NCTS. Mark, always the gentleman said "We were looking pretty good. But they have a caution for just about anything when we don't need them and we don't get them when we do" a statement I'm sure reflecting back to last week. His strategy of trying to keep Ron Hornaday behind him kicked him in the arse and landed him a 23rd place finish after a good solid dominating race. Ya think maybe he shoulda stuck to his previous awesome restarts? Geez Mark!!
So where are the Fords and Toyo's? The top 10 lineup for tomorrows Auto Club 500 is 80% Chevy's with a couple of Dodge's thrown in for good measure. I expected to see a RoushSox car somewhere in the top 10 and the Yate's cars are way down the list. Another surprise. Toyo's Dave Blaney managed to land a 14th place start and surprisingly Mikey got left out completely... "Waltrip also will be watching the race instead of driving in it after being knocked out of the lineup by rookie teammate David Reutimann." Payback?! Karma Mikey, karma! The top 10 qualifier's make for a very good startup field with Martin, Harvick and Dale Jr. in the top 5. Will Happy Harvick make another sweep? That would be the surprise of all!

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Gvav1 said...

Surprising how Yates fell off in qualifying this week! Go Happy!