Monday, February 19, 2007

Pit Road Racing ?

It's been 2 weeks of chaos, controversy, penalties, suspensions, lying, cheating, acting {Mikey should get an Academy Award} and the ultimate pit road speeding ticket. What the hell was Dave Blaney thinking? It was hard to tell from the tele, but it appeared he did not even slow down when he was forced into pit road after Sorenson made contact with Edwards. Report has it that he had a flat tire ta-boot!! With the pedal to the metal he flew out of the pit road exit and slammed Kenny Schrader and others. After re-entering pit road NASCAR officials sent his dumb arse to the garage but credited him with a 34th place finish. Come on fellas!! He endangered lives and was just plain negligent. My vote would be a DNF and a points penalty. Yet another bad call on NASCAR's behalf. Toyo has a 3 strike rule... wonder if Blaney got a strike or two from that move.

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