Monday, February 15, 2010


Credit: Rusty Jarrett/Getty Images for NASCAR

Rules change, some benefit, some flounder and the commonly heard cliche' "it's anybody's race" could not have been more prevalent in the 52nd running of The Great American Race. New rules and Mother Nature helped determine the outcome but with a final push from The Biff, McMurray held on to the lead nudging out Dale Jr.

The emotions McMurray demonstrated in Victory Lane were anything but subtle, emotions Jr. Nation were experiencing for the opposite reason. I don't fault Jamie for this and in fact it was a nice feel good finish, but I felt his embarrassment he'll undoubtedly feel when the excitement wears off. Melodramatic but characteristic of McMurray.

I found the race to be decent with plenty of excitement, mostly from the continuous lead changes. The pot holes... well those nasty things played a big role in the outcome albeit causing delays that nearly put me to sleep. Repaving is on the agenda and the old girl may never be the same. Perhaps, as Carl Edwards stated, they can repave the track with a rough surface.

On to L.A.

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