Thursday, February 18, 2010

Steve and Charlie

From my desktop in Upstate NY I can tune into Toledo's finest radio show "On Pit Row". It's broadcast live on Tuesday's from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. Steve and Charlie do an outstanding job. I tuned in this past Tuesday to listen to NASCAR Legend Bobby Allison. Somehow these guys managed to get Bobby on the phone, but I must say that it was the most comfortable laid back conversation I've heard. Bobby seemed to feel right at home and I felt like I was right there with them. This is in part due to the live interaction they provide with their Facebook page. Here I listened and left comments on Facebook that were answered live by the guys. One can also call in on 800-645-2946. It's really a fantastic gig these guys have. Thanks Steve and Charlie.

Here we go... from the most highly anticipated week in NASCAR, Daytona, to the hum drum of Hollywood. Boring!! These mile and a half flat tracks are like driving on interstate I-95 although without a speed limit. It's like watching the Pied Piper because whoever takes the lead early on seems to stay there for the entire race while the rest of the field falls in behind... tune in for the pre-race and listen to Styx then come back in two hours to watch the final laps. You'll have a much more productive Sunday. NASCAR needs a track like Bristol in a warmer climate zone.

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Charlie Turner said...

Wow, thank you Michael. Tuesday was, I think, the fifth or sixth time that Bobby has joined us On Pit Row. He has never denied us, and seems to enjoy himself when we talk. We really appreciate the live interaction on Facebook and Twitter during the show. I'm sorry if sometimes we get a little behind in responding. Glad you enjoy it too.