Sunday, February 14, 2010

Same Ole'

Photo credit NASCAR Media

I suppose I too am entitled as a member of NASCAR Media to prolong the agony on the overwhelming coverage Danica Patrick has received. I made up my mind last week not to write about her due to this tsunami, but the hyped up anticipation of her Nationwide debut and the not so surprising early demise to her day has prompted me to at least say... I knew it. But I must add that up until she was taken out just past the halfway point she ran quite well. She avoided another crash very early and like last weeks ARCA race proved she can drive a stock car. Beyond all this I especially liked her post crash interview. She was very honest and seemed content even though her day was over. Danica... welcome to NASCAR.

The Nationwide race was fantastic... at least in my humble opinion. I lost count of the number of lead changes, but they were numerous and record breaking ?? Tony Stewart winning was no surprise but the action was ( I even enjoyed watching Dale Jr. in his acrobatic crash, but thoughts of his dad entered my mind as I watched his car get tossed like a rag doll ). It was not the boring restrictor plate racing we were forced to endure in the past... it was racing !! Will today's 500 prove as exciting ?

Who to watch today... Harvick, Stewart, Newman and my dark horse pick... Paul Menard, even though daddy's money paid for his spot.

Back at the cottage... Happy Valentine's Day and enjoy the race with your sweetheart... I will be.

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