Monday, June 9, 2008

Speed of Light

This shot I took the other night reminds me a little of this past weekends racing.... Changes!!
It all started with Kyle Busch not winning the NCTS race and ended with Kyle Busch not winning the Pocono race. Perhaps it had something to do with his stretching things to the limit. He practically had to move at the speed of light to get from Pocono on Friday to Texas where he finished a respectable 2nd in the Truck race, but it was downhill from there. He was back in Pocono Saturday for practice only to wreck his primary car. He then bounced to Nashville for the Nationwide race only to have a terrible race, by his standards, with a lowly 20th place finish. A big kudos to Brad Keselowski for his 1st and well deserved Nationwide victory! Busch is either insane or just plain stupid because his showing in the Cup Race at Pocono Sunday was an obvious spectacle of an over tired, fatigued driver. With a careless move on the 47th lap where he just seemed to move up the track aimlessly only to find Jamie McMurray there. Busch's car was extensively damaged. Able to return later 87 laps down, he held out until he spun the car again with only 22 laps remaining landing him a 43rd place finish. His points lead has been narrowed considerably with Jeff Burton now only 21 points behind him.

Pattyjo, my wife, says Busch is a pompous ass and deserved what he got. She says ... "Look at me!!" "I'm Kyle Busch... the next best thing to..." Well, you get my drift and I tend to agree with her. I also highly doubt he'll learn anything from this as he'll rationalize and place blame everywhere except on himself.

An outstanding race by Kahne and The Biff.... well, if Greg's luck would only turn we'll see him in Victory Lane.


vroom/three said...

It was great seeing #88 in victory circle...Go Navy go!

Cheyenne said...

That's the younger generation today...they think they are invincible. And Kyle just has a huge chip on his shoulder and is out to prove to everyone (especially HMS) that he is better than they are. A body can push itself only so far before it screams "Enough!"

Clance' said...

Michael, that picture is gorgeuos!
I don't think driver's should be able to run that many races in that time frame. I think the fatigue endangers the other driver's. Not just Shrub either. Robby Gordon intended to drive the 24 hr Baja 500 and then race...The only reason he didn't was because he was not able to finish Baja. You just can't tell me fatigue does not affect them, no matter how young they are. It has to diminish response time, reflexes etc. NASCAR need to make (ugh) another rule. It's detrimental to the other driver's and teams. The sport is already dangerous enough.

Automotive Web Design said...

Where there is a risk, there will be happiness and adventurous if everything goes right! thats what the sport is and kyle has to prove his calibre