Saturday, June 21, 2008

Silly What??

Well I admit that most days I am borderline.

How in the hell can Silly Season predictions possibly be warranted so soon?? Lee Spencer of Fox NASCAR has jumped on the bandwagon with her annual crap. Silly Season is silly enough and the Big Wig Media folk have to hype it up even more. Nothing against Lee personally... in fact I enjoy her editorials, but she has a huge leap of faith or a crystal ball or perhaps she's got a chair in the Oval Office.

A rather shocking lineup for the Sonoma race. Kudos to Kahne, but what a surprise and the top 5 are not what I expected with Road King Robby Gordon qualifying 6th. Freaking J. Johnson and J. Gordon in the top 5! WOW.... well Robby is my choice to win this... like him or not, he's due.

My own mother grew up with and dated Johnny Benson's dad. They are all Grand Rapids Mich. natives... I was born there... could it be Johnny's comfort level at Milwaukee is because it's close to home? Well actually there is 80 miles of water over the big pond of Lake Mich., at any rate...he has become the Milwaukee Beer Blast with 3 consecutive wins there.


Cheyenne said...

I'll be cheering for Robby as well.

Automotive Marketing said...

hehe me too in the list mate