Sunday, June 1, 2008

Pretty Picture??

Photo from NASCAR Media

I'm not your "A" typical NASCAR fan. I am truly not a driver basher. I am not solely devoted to a single driver. Fans like me are rare, yet Ryan Newman made mention of this type of fan at a press release, which gave me a boost of confidence because I thought I was some sort of freak.

I am a firm believer in.... "Who am I to Judge". Passing judgment on someone without having all the facts is emotionally driven. Assumptions are biased ignorance and often times derived from ones own misgivings, shortcomings and/or mental illness. They can also be passion driven or done in the heat of the moment out of anger or defensively. We are all only Human.

This is what Kyle Busch did when interviewed after Jason Leffler accidentally spun Busch into the wall. The anger was understandable and his words were rather comical..."Da!". Jason's public apology was honorable, but I think premature. From what I saw he really didn't do anything wrong. His car got loose, period. The incident gave both drivers a DNF and the fans as a whole probably loved this. Right here in my own house I heard "YES!!!!!!"

At any rate, Busch is one hell of a racer. No denying. But his dominance in all 3 venues is making people either dislike him more or causing them to take a closer look at this prodigy. I actually saw for the first time, at a Dirt Track Race I attended, a Kyle Busch T-shirt on an adult male. I was surprised and even pointed it out to Pattyjo.

Speaking of prodigy.... a big congratulations to Joey Lagano for an incredible debut race.


Ryan Newman Fan said...

Well put.

In our house we can't stand Kyle Busch, but I/we do like to watch him race.

On the flip side of that, we do get a little grin when he gets dumped and/or ends up in the wall.

In order for me to be "fan" of someone I have to like their personality as well and Kyle gets a big F on personality from me.

And your right, while it may be the "right" thing to do, Jason had no need to apologize.

Starla said...

I forgot to watch Logano in the race. I'm sort of upset with myself now.

I didn't even know that they made Kyle Busch t-shirts, lol. Just kidding.