Thursday, June 12, 2008


By the look of this shot I took one would think these two have known each other for years. Actually.... this is at Daytona during Race Week...the Thursday. Jeff Hammond was awesome and few people can resist the charm and charisma of my wife Pattyjo.

It's this gift of hers that has landed us a pair of free tickets to Loudon for the 6/29 race. A local car dealer / friend called us last week and said he has two tickets on the finish line.... would we like them?? At first we thought..."ok, what's this going to cost us?"

Not one penny!! He simply adores Pattyjo and life has been very hard on us for the past 6-7 months due to Patty getting hurt at work. Terry, the ticket bearer, has even offered us a car off of his lot, with a tank of gas and a dealer plate for the 3 1/2 hour trip.

Now most men would never tolerate the antics and flirtatious behavior Pattyjo exhibits. Me on the other hand... well I just roll with it. I even encourage it at times. It can be quite entertaining and as you just read, rewarding too.

Last weekend Lake George had it's annual bike rally, The Americade. I turned away for one minute and when I looked back Pattyjo was on the back of a Harley riding off with some stranger. As it turned out he was a cop from Connecticut and he was nervous the whole ride thinking I was going to be pissed off..... hell, when they finally returned I took pictures of them!!

She is very, very much in love with me and would never do anything to compromise our marriage. Her spirit's are down and her self esteem is low because of her accident. It's this sort of thing that gives me pleasure... to see her happy doing what she enjoys.... flirting and getting attention!!

You go girl!!!

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That is a nice picture of them together. That is awesome about the tickets and the car.