Saturday, April 12, 2008


I think about Kyle Busch. My thoughts are mixed because last season and previous seasons I rarely gave the kid any notice. One cannot help but notice him this season. He has stepped out of the Hendrick shadows and into the Gibbs Limelight. I see a different man... no longer a boy... he is showing integrity and his pompousness is not so apparent anymore. He expresses gratitude and seems genuinely humble in some subtle way. His recklessness on track has leveled off, but not so much to take away from his driving style. It could be that I'm beginning to like him...or at least showing him the respect he deserves. A prodigy.

Mark Martin topping the speed chart in final practice..... hmmmm! DEI has given him a winning car. To see him in Victory Lane in the #8 would be outstanding!

"Smoke Racing Incorporated"

"Tony Stewart Racing"

"Smoke Motorsports"

Talk of Tony owning a Cup team in the future... now there's a man who would knock down doors in the France office.


Starla said...

I like Smoke Motorsports.

RevJim said...

He had a team with Shane Howard in the Hooters Pro Cup series called Smoke Motorsports.
I haven't really seen anything lately except about TSR, as far as owning a team goes.
From what he has said in the past I don't see him owning a Cup team, or even a Truck team, but you never know. He has a lot invested in Chrissy Wallace (I think she runs late models under Smoke Motorsports). So perhaps we could see that in the truck series?