Thursday, April 10, 2008

Quiet Times

First.... My deepest sympathy to the family and friends of Brienne Davis.

Things in the NASCAR world just seem to be plugging along without anything silly or controversial. Last year at this time things were off the hook with the inception of the CoT, Michael Waltrip, Toyota and more. The biggest story so far this year is McDowell's introduction to the world. Silly season is apt to bring some interesting stuff.

Phoenix has been the Hendrick's track the past two races... Gordon in the Spring, Johnson in the Fall. My crystal ball is clouded on this one....but again... the Gibbs machines are the ones to watch.

Phoenix is an interesting track... it falls somewhere in between a short track and a super speedway at one mile. The cars average around 110 - 115 mph with a relatively slight banked Tri-oval design. It's almost a cookie cutter, but shorter. Should be a good race.


4ever3 said...

Hey, Good interview with Mike over at Turn 2!

Starla said...

I hope Smoke can pull off a win.

vroom said...

I say Harvick vrooms in Fenix!