Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Da Boot

Sears Craftsman dropping the Truck Series??
I stumbled across this article in my Google reader. It's the only article I could find, but it seems to hold merit.
Sears probably ran out of advertising revenue after the $11 Billion {yes that's a B} Kmart buyout.
So, one more year of silly Craftsman tool ad's. The best one is the spring board incident.
It's hard to imagine who will step up, but I'm certain it won't be hard for NASCAR to get a replacement.
I just hope it's not another insurance co. or telecommunications... here's one
The NASCAR Tonka Truck Series


TSRFan-John said...

That is a surprise. You would think someone in the racing press would have picked up on it.

How about Rhino bed liners. They are "rhino tough".

Stephen said...

Oh no! :(

Anonymous said...

It was posted in the Kansas City Star yesterday..apparently it's been known for awhile but kept under wraps...Sears apparently are going to coninue supporting Nascar in some other capacity....sponsorship of a Busch series team...?????

Charlie Turner said...

Tonka will probably get shut down for lead paint on their logo or something - but I like the sound of the Tonka Truck Series.

RevJim said...

I would be willing to guess either Wal-Mart or McDonald's will be the new sponsor.