Sunday, July 13, 2008

Roll With It

Believe that there are many photo thieves.... feel free to steal this... I hope you like the frame!!

For the rest of you good honest folks... I shot this at Loudon 2 weeks ago. My home track and a place close to my heart. Loudon is as boring a race as there is, but the facility itself is awesome and Bruton Smith is only making it better... my wish is he banks the corners.... make it another Vegas so to speak. Plans already include more seating and new modern restrooms. He'll never have a problem filling the seats there, as it is by far the best track in the northeastern US, next in line to Dover.

I posted this shot of the #20 because it's the final season with Smoke behind the wheel. I have a rather large diecast collection and after this past weeks announcement that Tony is leaving JGR I must add this car to my collection. It is many firsts... first year Toyota, COT and the first time Tony has raced something in Cup other than a Chevy. Then it can claim last as well. First and last in the same season. I will wait... my hope is Tony gets a victory and that raced version would be my purchase.

Some Stewart fans are distraught over his choice...I claim to be a fan of his, but I am the "NASCAR Fan Rare Breed". He is one of several of my drivers of choice. I suppose I am not fanatical. I roll with change fairly well and I see this change as an incredible opportunity. This is where Tony's heart is at and if one's heart is in it, the rest will follow. A good example of this is Dale Jr.. With DEI and Mother Teresa out of the picture he has relaxed and his performance has shown dramatic improvement. I realize that equipment plays part of this, yet it cannot be denied that Jr.'s state of mind is allowing him to focus from his heart. Tony only knows where Tony's heart is at.... but we all know it is with Chevy. That may seem trivial in the scheme of things, but guys do hold "things" as objects of affection. At least he'll be driving the car he loves. No, it won't be with Home Depot and we won't see those silly commercials.

For those of you who are angry, upset, distraught or any other negative emotion... these are self centered feelings based on what you expect. Expectations can be our biggest disappointments in life. It's much easier to roll with the River. Like that of a drifting twig... the twig knows it has no control over the river currents. It has times of turbulence and times of tranquility, but it only has true problems when it is caught up by resistance. Change is inevitable and acceptance is the key... so go ahead... rear up your heads and buck. I only hope y'all feel better for it.

Chalk up another win for Shrub.


vroom said...

Darn cyber thieves! I have the #20 black paint scheme, might get the regular scheme too...I'm back in the blogosphere, waiting for my next block. Gr8 foto of HD vroom!

Starla said...

I love the photo!!!!
The only thing I don't like is I have all this #20 stuff, shirts, hats, etc. And I can't afford to buy all new stuff. I'm sure my friends and family would probably keep me in stock of new Smoke gear. But the stuff that only has the #20 and no name; I can still wear it in support of Joey Logano. I think that kid is awesome. I guess I have just got use to Tony driving the #20 car; it is sort of like Dale Earnhardt driving the #3 car. I just thought Tony would be with the 20 forever or at least until he retired. Well now I feel a little better since I said all this. Thanks Michael!!!

Cheyenne said...

Tony also drove a Pontiac for Gibbs Racing when Bobby LaBonte was his teammate. That was before Gibbs changed to Chevy.

Anonymous said...

Da!! Thanks fact I have a diecast version of the rookie Home Depot Habitat for Humanity Pontiac....michael

Forrest Gump said...

Those damm picture thieves.
Thanks for the post and info.
I have to give a shot out...
Congratulations to Kyle on his win.
He is having fantastic year.

I love Tony too.

But, Sorry i had to say it.

Rodney King said...

Whats the deal, no "Girl Fight" Coverage? I Thought you guys would be all over the Danica Vs. Milka story, getting the inside scoop on all the good stuff.