Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Fly on the Wall

Photo by none other...

With Silly Season now in full swing I wish I were this green eyed Deer Fly. If you've ever encountered one of these pesky creatures, you'd know they have the ability to literally get in your hair and any place else they feel like.

There is much happening and many of us "wanna be" flies wish we knew. One example for me is... I want to know what is happening in the Penske camp with Ryan... his contract is up and I've heard very little. I suppose I should pay Mike a visit...if anyone has the scoop on Newman, he does. We all know that Sam Hornish should have stayed in Open Wheel and other than Kurt Busch's luck of the draw and Ryan's 500 win, things are not looking good for Roger.

Then there's Smoke... in my opinion he should remain with Gibbs... perhaps a two year renewal will give him enough time to make up his fleeting mind on what his damn future holds. His performance this season is lacking so far and some say it's because he has too much on his plate... well now... if that is the case how will he perform as an owner/driver?... Get your head out of your ass Tony!!

The smartest decision made is Mark Martin's. He's no fool.

More night racing this weekend at Chicagoland.... perhaps Tony can do a repeat!


Starla said...

I wish Tony would stay with Gibbs too. But I also would like to see Gibbs go back to Chevy. I may be wrong, but in a way I think Tony may be throwing races. Because he is wanting out.

Vroom said...

That's why they call it silly season!!!

Forrest Gump said...

Stewart is a businessman and he's going to to do whats best for his career. It's all biz nothing personal.