Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Foot in Mouth

Or maybe it's a case of asking and receiving, or ranting and raving, either way the irony is... I wrote that crap yesterday about Newman and Stewart only to wake to an article in Fox NASCAR today... Report: Stewart to be granted release from JGR

I always liked Gene Haas, but he got caught with his hands in the cookie jar. The Fed's merely slapped his hands with 24 months in the slammer, a gift in comparison to what he could have received. Albeit, it has opened the door for Stewart to buy into Haas CNC Racing where rumors state he will totally revamp the entire organization. He'll be back in the Chevy Saddle again and give himself the opportunity to remain with NASCAR well into the future.

What's even more ironic is... rumor has it that Newman has plans to go with Stewart. Smart move... I think?

Joey Logano in the #20... that'll take some getting used to.


Starla said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! I really wanted Tony to stay because I can't see him not driving The Home Depot car. Now I have to decide what I'm to do with being a fan of Tony or forgetting Nascar all together.

Vroom said...

I love all this silly stuff! Tony has had 10 great years with JGR and HD and now it's time to fly! I wonder if the team name will change?