Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hey Rusty!!!!

A tribute to Rusty Wallace, although my dog's snout is too good for him.

Why does he whine like a baby and act like he's Holier than Thou? Based on his assumptions he and only he claims that Roger Penske fired Ryan Newman and even if it's fact, who is he to drag it all through the mud?

He and Newman have never been best friends, but that's because Wallace is a big baby and Ryan tells it like it is with his sarcastic humor and wit. Wallace truly needs to mind his own business.

The Glen... looks like rain again this weekend. Us folk up here in the Northeast have been plagued with wet for weeks on end. Perhaps NASCAR will try out the rain tires again.


RevJim said...

I don't think NASCAR is planning on using rain tires in the Cup yet, but they are bringing rain tires for the Nationwide Series race.

That was a good experiment at Montreal last weekend. The teams and drivers did pretty well for their first time.

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