Monday, May 5, 2008

Get a Grip...Updated... 5/7/08

Photo Credit NASCAR Media

When I saw this wreck happen my first thought was "Oh no....not Jr.!" It truly was not either one's single fault. I cannot help but give a big Kudos to both of these guys. They said it like it happened in post interviews.

Kyle Busch is a racer! Period, and I will not fault him for that. His style is his and it will win him a Championship one day. At 24 years old he can out drive most anyone... what will he be like at 34 years old?!

Reading forums gives me a chuckle. The comments from the Jr. Nation are ridiculous. I respect Dale 100%. I am not a huge fan but he is one of my fave's. He is not God! He is not his Father! He is not untouchable! He is simply another racer who happens to have a Fan frenzy about him which in some ways is a turnoff. Many people are Fans of his simply because everyone else is... followers. I wonder how many of these folks are actually closet Fans of another less popular driver... they wear #88 garb in public but have hidden merchandise of the #24, #48, or possibly the #18!

Update...Wed. May 7th.

Okay... it's obvious it doesn't take much to ruffle feathers where Dale Jr. is concerned. Guaranteed, had this happened between Busch and Jeff Gordon I certainly would not have been writing about it in my tiny blog and half the world wouldn't know about it.

First of all...Kyle is reckless, oh and I stand corrected on his age... 23 not 24. His recklessness, selfishness and narcissism... umm.. could it be immaturity ?? I know at 23 I was not the most responsible kid on the block. Am I defending him? No! I am a realist and am not afraid to say it as I see it... the reality is... he is only 23, a child.

My statements about Jr. fans are in the general sense and not directed at all! There are many who are genuine, many who are dedicated for the right reasons. Dale is hard not to like, but my point is.. he is just another race car driver and it's his huge fan base along with the majority of them being fanatic that creates the otherwise not chaos.

My writing is often misconstrued because I write in a dry sense with much more information between the lines than meets the eye. If I wrote everything I thought on a subject no one would read my blog because it would be pages of useless jargon, so I'm brief, to the point and sarcastic.

Have a great Day!!!


Cheyenne said...

I do hope this is a tongue-in-cheek post. Seriously...Kyle Busch has a long way to go before he can call himself a driver. He has the skills and he is talented but so far he has not put that talent and skill to good use. The only thing he's sure about is himself and his mouth.
I have been a Junior fan since he first started racing in the Busch series. I have never professed to being a Senior fan. Junior is the farthest thing from his father on the track. Thank God for that.
I guess you could say I am part of the JR Nation because I am a fan. However, don't judge me by the teeny boppers who only want him to win every week and who don't see him as human. Those type people truly embarass me. Oh, Kyle is only 23. He is still struggling to get past his teen years and that is why he is the way he is; the ones who want to be the center of attention and have a smart-ass attitude and show it when they open their mouths. He should take lessons from his brother who was once like he is. Kurt has come far, I only wish Kyle would wise up and do the same.

Tim Zaegel said...

All I know is that this race turned from stagnant to about as dramatic as it gets with the flip of a switch. Score one for NASCAR with this race ...

Starla said...

Everything you said about Jr. is totally true.

3 said...

The Shrub can drive, but over pushed it against Junior...gotta give and take!

Tim Zaegel said...

What do ya mean? Busch does plenty of takin' ...

rob ijbema said...

hey it was a great race,full of excitement,that is what counts,try watching F1...

Don and Sheryl said...

I am a Jr. fan but I see it as an accident, nothing intentional.
Kyle proved he can race and showed everyone last night in Darlington how good he is.

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