Sunday, September 14, 2008


The #11 in this shot is Don Miller. This car is an older model of this class, but his dad, Don Sr., brought this car out last week because their primary car was tore up the previous week. Don asked me to get some shots of this car...which I did... because it's racing days are pretty much over. Young Don nearly had the victory in this race and it makes me happy to have had the opportunity to photograph it in action.

The Miller's are great people. They are my first paying customers in the owner/driver circle and they have talked my work up to everyone which has created more sales. What's even better is Don Sr. and I have developed a nice relationship and has made my entry into the dirt track racing community awesome. I feel very welcome and comfortable as the newcomer and am very pleased to be looking forward to next season.

The Biff!! That just put the icing on the cake of what was already a good day. Greg is one of my top drivers and to see him in victory lane on the opening of the "playoff's" was an awesome sight to behold. This momentum will hopefully follow Greg to Dover, a track he runs well at.

Shrub did not have such a good day, but then neither did a few others, especially Kenseth. His whole attitude is rather drab. He's visibly unhappy with the Roush-Sox equipment and seems decidedly content on not winning the Cup. His words... "cautiously optimistic" pretty much summed it up.


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