Sunday, March 6, 2011

Happy Ending

What a fantastic way to finish! Mark Martin's Nationwide win yesterday at Las Vegas "Marked" his 49th career victory in the series. He continues to hold the record. The race had so many lead changes it was hard to keep up... with Kyle Busch dominating in his usual manner until he got careless and over confident with a move that put him in the wall. That stupid move changed everything for the rest of the field and what I thought was going to be another Carl Edwards race turned into a fuel mileage game. The race had all the ingredients for excitement, fun and a very happy ending. Danica Patrick even set a record for the first woman to get a 4th place finish... she picked off one car at a time working her way forward coming from a lap down. She is getting the hang of these cars... look for more record breaking stuff from her. Daytona 500 winner Trevor Bayne held his ground all day with a very respectable 5th place finish.
I love happy endings.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'm liking 2011

After a 66 win less streak Jeff Gordon sealed the deal with his 83rd career victory. Phoenix delivered with an action packed short track race with Gordon dominating and even with a crash involvement he showed the younger guys and the fans that he still has it. I was never a Gordon fan... that is until I met him at Daytona 4 years ago and spent and hour taking photos of him while he spoke to a small gathering. I saw a different Jeff Gordon after that and one that I now have complete respect and admiration for. The 2011 season may prove to be his "Drive for Five" and Rick Hendrick's decision to swap crew chiefs... placing Alan Gustafson with Jeff was a great move. I couldn't be happier and I know most us NASCAR fans are happy with today's outcome.

Trevor Bayne is one hell of a nice kid. It was a bad day for him after a week of Daytona Champion stuff. The kid is so likable and I expect he will do well with days like today being necessary for his growth.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Twenty One

In the past 30 years you can practically count on one hand the amount of times the Wood Brother's have seen Victory Lane... but just that fact that I said "30 years" is incredible and in fact this racing family goes back to the hay days of the early 50's. They have employed drivers that have gone down in history and some not so famous but with the likes of Neil Bonnett, Buddy Baker, Cale Yarlborough, A.J. Foyt and the unforgettable David Pearson who drove this car to more victories than any of them including the 1976 Daytona 500. Once again the #21 is crowned only this time by a rookie in his 2nd cup race ever and one who just turned 20 years old. Trevor Bayne has carried on the legacy for the #21 and The Wood's Brother's Racing and he has jump started his cup racing with the Daytona Crown... one I hope he wears with the humble yet proud attitude it deserves with the #21 attached to it.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Leap Frog

Someone said to me yesterday at my daily coffee stop... you know that neighborhood gas coffee and go... only my little place has a few tables where the same half a dozen men sit every morning with their paper in front of them, their eyes on everything but the paper and their mouths spewing out daily local jargon as I heard from the little crowd "hey Michael whose winning today?"... without even turning around from the sticky counter where I poured my coffee I simply answered "Smoke" followed by several jib jabs from the little crowd as I paid and exited with a smile on my face. Well... what can I say... it's obvious that this has become Stewart's annual opening statement and I have a strong feeling he'll do it again today in the Cup race.

During the Nationwide race yesterday I sat fully reclined in my Lazy Boy in front of my flat screen nodding off... I've decided that the networks should only air the last 25 laps of the Superspeedway races... a decision in my little mind because I wasted an entire afternoon to watch 2 minutes of exciting racing at the end... oh well... I justified it because I had a touch of the flu but these type races really are boring as hell... 500 miles where 99% of the race is during the last mile as we watched the same 8 cars play leap frog for two hours.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Heart Felt Win

"I didn't come here to celebrate winning the 2001 Daytona 500. I came here to celebrate Dale's life and honor him."

Fantastic and an incredibly feel good finish for the running of the 10th anniversary of Dale Earnhardt's death in the Camping World Truck race at Daytona. The irony involved held an eeary feeling to it with E. Sadler and Mikey running up front along with Austin Dillon in the black #3. A late race wreck took out most of what was left in the field including Dillon but E. Sad and Mikey escaped unscathed returning after the caution to a green white checker. Michael's skill allowed him to push Sadler through turn four and then slingshot out for the final yards to take the win. It was just simply an awesome tribute to Dale an an incredible win for Michael... not only his first truck series win but a win that will stay in his heart forever and mine too.

Friday, July 2, 2010

New Nominee's

Courtesy of NASCAR Media

DW... well you either love him or hate him and speaking for myself I can't help but love the this 3 time Champion. I'm not here to ramble on about Darrell but I'm happy he is among the 25 nominee's for the 2011 Hall of Fame Class. All of the chosen are very well deserved of the honor.

Daytona is proving to be hazardous to car and driver with several drivers having to go to back up cars after yesterdays melee practice runs. This should be an interesting race and the last one of the old surface. The old girl is about to go under a complete face lift. Hang on to your helmets fellas.

I've posted very little here on NASCAR Eclectic as I am so occupied with photography, but I keep getting emails from many other media members and sports writers asking me where I am. I'm right here and I'll try to put more effort into my twisted NASCAR thinking and writing.

Happy Race weekend and a very Happy Independence Day